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Plant With Purpose visit to PLCPC Sep 18

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Plant With Purpose (PWP) is an organization that ministers to the rural poor in seven developing countries around the globe. Our church has supported PWP’s work in the Dominican Republic (DR) for over a decade. For the past seven years we have sponsored the
village of Los Arroyones in the DR, bringing spiritual renewal, economic empowerment, and environmental restoration to the community. Durbel Lora, PWP’s Country Director for the Dominican Republic paid a visit to PLCPC’s Mission Beyond Committee on September 18. He updated committee members on PWP’s work in the Dominican Republic and delivered the news that Los Arroyones is expected to “graduate” within the next year! “Graduation” means that those living in the village have developed a vibrant church, sustainable agriculture practices, and a mature Savings and Loan Association. They will no longer need weekly support from PWP staff, freeing those resources to begin working with another community in need. PLCPC will celebrate this accomplishment during our “Year of Celebration.”
Durbel was accompanied by Philippe and Deanna Lazaro, Ocean Beach residents who have been worshiping at PLCPC for the past several months. Philippe is a marketing specialist on PWP’s San Diego-based staff. Please pray for Plant With Purpose and welcome Philippe and Deanna to PLCPC.

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Zahle, Lebanon is an ancient mountain town, home to the largest Christian community in the Mideast. From its hills you can look over the vineyards and rich produce farms of the storied Bekaa Valley, 40% of Lebanon’s arable land, to the Syrian border in the distance.  Your Mission Beyond Committee sent a team to Lebanon, and we stood overlooking the Bekaa, just as Syria was starting to crumble.

We met Izdihar and Riad Kassis, local Christian leaders, who started Together For the Family (TFF) in 2010 to support Christian school children as Saudis and other muslims moved in, building schools to convert children and their families. But the outbreak of war in Syria in 2011 galvanized TFF into a new mission: support for the thousands of refugees pouring across from Syria. The Bekaa farmland now hosts hundreds of thousands of refugees, fleeing violence and trauma, who lack of health care, lack of water, lack of food. With two million Syrian refugees among 4 million Lebanese, 1 of 3 people in Lebanon is a newly arrived refugee. International and Lebanese organizations struggle to keep up.

Izdihar visits the refugee tents tirelessly, identifying gaps for children and young mothers. TFF provides necessities to the newborn babies with medicine, diapers, and baby food. Another gap is healing for the traumatized children, who have seen their homes destroyed, loved ones killed. TFF organizes trauma camps offering everything from group therapy to singing to art therapy, letting young children know of God’s love for them. This year we are helping to support a program to teach sewing to 60 young Syrian girls and women, so that they can have work and support their families. Meaningful activity can help fragile girls to heal, and teach their refugee parents to trust outsiders again. And all this work is done in the name of Jesus Christ, doing good by serving the least of His brothers and sisters.