Pastor Search


APNC Report to the Congregation
Nov. 13, 2017 REPORT

The Associate Pastor Nominating Committee (APNC) has met three times to prepare for our search for an Associate Pastor for Point Loma Community Presbyterian Church (PLCPC). We have received wonderful advice and encouragement about the search process from Pastor Karla Shaw, Elders Kathy Wright and Debbie Fountain, and prior Pastor Nominating Committee members Carol Leimbach, Lynn Ziegenfuss, Elaine Burrell, and John Brand. We have also consulted with Linda Therien, Stated Clerk
and Michael Williams, Committee on Ministry Chair of the Presbytery of San Diego.

Our Session has approved a Ministry Information Form (position description) for a part-time Associate Pastor of Pastoral Care from the San Diego Presbytery to help Pastor Karla with Pastoral Care and Memorial Services and to help carry out PLCPC’s 2015 Mission Study, “Change and Regeneration.” The Presbytery Committee on Ministry will consider our position description on November 28. If
approved it will be posted on-line immediately.

Members of the APNC are John Pearson, Chair, Ann Brooks, Buck Buchanan, and Cynthia Queen.