Our Leadership

Leadership roles at Point Loma Community Presbyterian Church include the staff, the Elders of Session, and our Board of Deacons.
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Read on to learn about the role of the Elders of Session and Deacons.

Elders of session

The elected Body of Elders oversee a number of critical church functions. Among the formal ministries are adult discipleship, building and grounds, children's discipleship, youth discipleship, mission beyond, worship and music, evangelism and church growth, long range planning, and finance and stewardship. (The Finance Committee oversees the financial aspects of the various ministries, which benefit our congregants and the greater community and missions. The Stewardship Committee develops annual programs to encourage faithful pledging in support of our ministries.)

Elders of Session


Board of Deacons

Our Deacons help those in need, in our church and broader community. The office of Deacons is one of compassion, witness, and service after the example of Jesus. Our ministry is to those who are in need, to the sick, to the friendless, and to any who may be in distress. We strive to meet the needs of those around us. For additional information or questions, please contact us at . The Deacons actively support their care-giving ministries by performing a wide variety of services, including:


PRAYER REQUEST: You or a loved one may request to be included in the church's Prayer Chain. Please email  to be included.

FLOWER MINISTRY: Sunday's beautiful Sanctuary flowers are rearranged and distributed each week to help brighten the day of those in hospitals, facing difficult situations, or celebrating special events.

CARDS OF COMPASSION: Words of encouragement are sent to those facing illness, celebration, or crisis.

LOVE BASKETS: Meals are prepared for and delivered to families during an illness or other time of need.

DEACON'S CARE FUND: This fund is used to support the emergency needs of members, special initiatives, and local mission projects.

BABY ROSES: A rose is placed in the sanctuary during Sunday services to celebrate a new baby born into our church family.

MILITARY OUTREACH: Deacons provide prayer and care packages for service members that are deployed as well as support for their families.

TRANSPORTATION: Rides are provided to both the 8:30 a.m. and the 10:45 a.m. church services.