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Elders of Session

Rev. Karla Shaw, Pastor
(619) 223-1633 x 202,
John Spafford, Clerk
Kathy Wright, Assistant Clerk


Elder Class of 2022

John Brand, Facilities, Renovation*
Chris Capen, Worship & Arts
Kristin Stephany, Adult Ministry, Audit*
Carolyn Verhoye, Nominating*
Pam Werner, Stewardship*
Stephanie Wylie, Personnel*

Elder Class of 2023

Gresham Bayne, Finance & Stewardship*
Susan Cramer, Planning*
Carolyn Griesemer, Children*
Lynn Ziegenfuss, Adult Ministry*

Elder Class of 2024

Debbie Fountain, Worship & Arts
Katie Fulhorst, Facilities*
Claudia Grauf-Grounds, Personnel
Rob Hanna, Finance & Stewardship
Bob Lemke, Mission*
Jason Pritchett, Youth*
Cynthia Queen, Nominating
Jason Stevenor, At-Large

* denotes committee chair