Children's and Youth Choirs

Music and Drama Class

Registration is now open for the next 6-week session of our Thursday afternoon Drama and Music class for children in grades 1-6 which begins on April 7. Children will prepare drama and music to lead the Worship service on Sunday, May 22. The class will help children grow spiritually through scripturally based songs, provide group voice lessons focused on developing healthy vocal techniques, develop confidence and self-esteem and creative expression. Special parts available for all children.

Register for Classes

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A choir ministry, because of its Kingdom-building commitment, is set apart from dance, sports, art and gymnastics. It is not just another activity option in the long list of activities available to children. Children who learn to use their singing voice at an early age grow up equipped to participate in worship through music. Children who are securely rooted in God’s Word have the best possible anchor to secure them in the midst of life’s raging storms and murky waters.
- Linda Fray