Please note, all College programming is RE:IMAGINED. Please reach out to RO if you have specific questions or needs.

For college students interested in getting involved with our community, there are many opportunities designed to meet your needs:

Backyard Dinners and Worship – Members of our community will be hosting backyard dinners and worship night on Sundays throughout the Fall. Please plan on joining us for an amazing night of worship and fellowship, along with a “home cooked” meal!!! For more information, contact RO Smith.

Serving Children and Youth – We are looking for college students to serve in our Children and Youth Ministries on Sunday mornings and/or Monday nights, September thru June . If you are interested in serving, please contact RO Smith.

 New Covenant Choir – The New Covenant Choir leads us in worship at the 8:30 am service each Sunday. For Easter and Christmas programs, our music ministry is accompanied by members of the San Diego Symphony Orchestra. For those students interested in participating in a intergenerational choir, please contact Alicia McMillan.