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Mission Beyond

The Mission Beyond Committee meets monthly with the goal of expanding the reach of our church. We provide our congregation with opportunities to serve and/or support local and global missions and missionaries. We do this by allocating PLCPC mission funds, informing members and friends about missional opportunities locally and globally, promoting mission trips and disaster relief efforts, and providing opportunities for members to serve God in the local community and beyond.

If you are interested in serving and getting involved, there are many ways to do so. Join us for our meeting, at 7 pm on the second Tuesday of most months. Contact Bob Lemke for more information about how to get involved.


Local Partners

Global Partners

How do we Support Local Partners?

55% of the funds support local partners who: 
  • Feed the hungry
  • Provide food, household goods, and counseling to young military families
  • Tutor school children
  • Help homeless transition into housing
  • Serve seniors
  • Help those in need obtain I.D., counseling, and social services
  • House and care for medically fragile orphans
  • Food ministry, VBS, tutoring, medical services, evangelism to orphans and migrant families

How do we Support Global Partners?

45% of the funds support international partners who:
  • Teach agronomy skills, economic tools, and spiritual renewal to rural poor in several developing countries
  • Train pastors in Iran
  • Provide medical care and Christian schools in Haiti
  • Educate and support Christian refugees in Lebanon
  • Minister to refugees in South Sudan
  • Teach Christians and lead inter-faith programs in Indonesia

Alternative Giving Guide

As we strive to be more sustainable and purposeful with our gift giving this Christmas season, we encourage you to consider alternative gifts this year. Click for sustainable gift giving ideas from our local and global mission partners.
Alternative Giving Guide