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The Renovation Task Force is a sub-committee of Session, working (since July 2018), to provide Session and the Congregation with information necessary to prioritize renovation needs for our church campus.  
In their work, the Renovation Task Force is guided by church’s Vision, Mission and Values and by the Mission Study (click for link to the full study).



Session is pleased to announce, upon the recommendation of the Renovation Task Force (RTF), their unanimous approval of a motion to move forward with renovation of the preschool, playground and re-designed multi-functional adult space.

When we renovated the Sanctuary in 2011-12, we made the commitment to focus our next renovation on the preschool and children’s areas. To maximize this investment in our infrastructure, the RTF devised a plan which keeps the entire campus and all ministries in mind for the next 20-50 years. The Master Plan affords us many great campus-wide options to meet more needs for future generations, without compromising or reworking the structures we build in the near term.

Although the Covid pause halted us moving forward with our capital campaign in 2020, it also enabled us to come to this point with excellent improvements to the plan, for example, filling the need for open-air community gathering spaces, improving Children’s play areas, upgrading overall security and safety, easier wayfinding and better flow, and addressing accessibility throughout the campus.

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