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Prayer Quilt Sunday

Prayer Quilt Ministry Celebrates 15 Years, Sunday, August 20, 2017
Over 1718 quilts tied with thousands of prayers

“Dear Quilt People of Prayer and Love,” one prayer quilt recipient wrote.  This greeting speaks to everyone who “touches” a prayer quilt, whether it is with stitches, hearts or prayers.  We are all “quilt people” filled with God’s loving kindness and our faith in the power of prayer. 

*The grandparents of another prayer quilt recipient reflected on their grandson’s experience:   “Beautiful . . . remembering the very thoughtful baseball themed quilt the ladies made for our grandson after his bike accident when he was 13 years old.” He is now 19, stands 6’6”, and has started college.  In his senior year of high school, “his baseball team played for the State High School Championship!”  One might say that God was holding this young man in his glove.

A big thanks for your prayers and awesome support of the Prayer Quilt Ministry!  If you have received a prayer quilt, please bring it to church on Prayer Quilt Sunday and drape it over the back of your pew or chair.  We will have our very own quilt show, featuring the power of prayer!

If you would like to request a prayer quilt, please call Joanne Albrecht at 619-222-1585, or email Louise Lucas at

Interfaith Shelter

From Mission Beyond:  Interfaith Shelter coming to PLCPC

After a twenty-year hiatus, our congregation will again participate in Interfaith Shelter Network’s Rotational Shelter Program.  We will open our doors to provide temporary housing for homeless individuals or family groups between February 24 and March 10, 2018.  We will provide shelter (in the youth center), an evening meal, and breakfast for up to twelve guests.  More importantly, we will share the love of Jesus Christ with neighbors in a difficult situation.

All participants will have been screened by a social worker from Presbyterian Urban Ministries prior to placement in the program.  Individuals with active substance abuse or mental illness are directed to other programs with services more appropriate for their needs.  Most participants are awaiting placement in transitional housing.  Nine beach-area churches, and over 50 countywide, will participate in the 2017/2018 season. 

Opportunities to get involved abound!  We will need members of the congregation to assist with planning and operating the shelter.  Congregation members and groups will be asked to provide evening meals and spend time in fellowship with our guests.  Donations of linens, toiletries, and breakfast food will be needed.

Look for more information during services and in church communications over the coming months.  The initial planning meeting will take place on September 28th - anyone interested in the program is invited to attend.  Feel free to contact Mark Olcott ( ) or Sam Laub ( ) for more information.  We look forward to this congregation-wide opportunity to help our neighbors in need.

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