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March 13, 2020

Dear Church and Red Brick Preschool Family and Friends,

I woke up this morning and the prayer in my Lenten devotional began with "Lord, a great sorrow has come upon me, the world has overpowered me. Teach me to be still." And that is my prayer in this moment for all of us, that we might all be still (take a deep breath) and know that God is still God (Psalm 46:10).

This has been a wild ride of a week and we have been busy filtering through all of the information that continues to come in through the state, city, and the medical community regarding the spread of this tiny virus.

Yesterday I sent out an e-blast with our plans as a church to remain open with a few cancellations in our more high-risk groups. But since that e-blast went out, as more information has come in, we have decided to make further changes to support our city in their effort to stop the spread.

That being said, here is where we are right now:

  1. Sunday worship services will be CANCELLED through the remainder of the month of March. For this Sunday, we encourage you to log-on at your normal service time and join us for prayers and a brief message at www.pointlomachurch.org. By the following Sunday, we hope to be able to provide you with a live stream of music and a message. More information to follow.
  2. The majority of our mid-week groups and meetings will also be cancelled or moved to online platforms through the month of March. More information regarding these cancellations and/or moves will come directly from the leaders of the groups to participants.
  3. Our preschool will be CLOSED effective this Monday, March 16 until April 6 unless conditions require us to extend the closure. This decision mirrors the decision made by the San Diego Unified School district.

With all of these changes and upheavals, let us continue to be mindful that we have a role to play in the Kingdom of God and that role hasn't changed. Although our day to day lives may be shifting for a few weeks, that does not mean our relationship with God and with one another disappears.

We are still called to be the Church.

We do that through prayer, and loving one another, and being God's compassion, grace, and love to this world. If you have any questions, please contact the church office. We ask for your patience as information continues to be dispersed through our various channels. And I hope to "see" you on Sunday as we gather together on the web.

Blessings and God's love,

Pastor Karla

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March 12, 2020

As the world continues to find its grounding regarding the Covid-19 virus, we at PLCPC are making small yet important changes to prevent the spread of this virus on our campus. In upcoming weeks, you may notice new trash cans in the bathrooms, new coffee and food service protocols, less hugging, and more hand sanitizer. We are also making changes in how we serve communion so that we can remain an "open table" to all. We understand that some of you may choose to "self-isolate" during the foreseeable future because of your own concerns. In that same vein, we are requesting that you don't attend any gatherings for at least two weeks if you have recently returned from a trip abroad. Please let Pastor Alex ( ) or the church office know if you fall in this category, as that information gives us the opportunity to check-in on you and assess any needs you might have. Remember the Church is not a building, it is a people, and we are still the Church.

On Thursday, Governor Newsom recommended some guidelines for organizations in the state of California to follow. Most of our ministries, as well as, our worship services fall within these guidelines. As a result, we will continue to meet as usual. At present, the only gatherings that will be cancelled based upon the recommendations are related to our Senior Adult Ministry. Those who are part of those gatherings will be notified directly.

For those of you that are self-isolating, we are also looking for ways that you might still be included from a distance. In the meantime, our Sunday morning sermons can be found both on our website at pointlomachurch.org, as well as, via podcast (The PLCPC Podcast) on iTunes, iHeart Radio, and Spotify. If you have trouble accessing either of these platforms, let the church office know and we would be happy to send out someone to help. In the meantime, keep washing those hands and giving air-hugs as we collectively care for those that are more vulnerable in our church family and community!

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