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We are PLCPC: Strengthen the Church - We Are One Body Prayer Practice


1 Corinthians 12:12-26, the text from worship this week, uses the human body as a metaphor for Christ alive in the world through communities of faith.  We are all parts of the Body of Christ and each different part has its role strengthening and sharing in the joy of the whole.  In our prayer practice this week we’ll be using the body as a way to pray for the strength of our church.  As we pray for the whole body, we strengthen that whole body.

 You can do this prayer two ways: If you have a full-length mirror at home you can use that.  If you don’t have one or that feels too uncomfortable, use the image of a body on the back side of this page instead.

  • Start your time of prayer by giving thanks to God for your body.  Give thanks for each part of your body.  For the gift of it.  For just what it is.
  •  If there are parts of your body that have pain or cause you discomfort, name them before God and ask for healing or reconciliation with that part of you.
  • Now that you have prayed for your body as yourself, look in the mirror or at the image.
  • See your body as the Body of Christ and say a prayer of praise
  • See your body as the Church Universal and say a prayer of intercession
  • See your body as PLCPC and pray for each part:
    • Head - Our Leaders on Session making faithful decisions.
    • Shoulders - Our Pastors preaching, teaching, guiding.
    • Torso - Our Congregation living as disciples.
    • Right Hand - Our Staff working to do God’s will.
    • Left Hand - Our Deacons caring and empowering others to care.
    • Knees - Our Children and Youth flexible and active in faith.
    • Feet - Our Volunteers who support all that we do in the name of Christ.

 If you like, write or draw some of your prayers on the image of the body on the back and post a photo on social media tagging @pointlomachurch using #WeArePLCPC


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We are PLCPC: Journey Deeper into Faith Object Labyrinth Prayer Practice

Sometimes our Journey of faith is an actual journey. God calls us and we go someplace new to be a faithful disciple there. But journeys don’t always have us moving. Navigating a difficult time in a relationship. Caring for an ailing family member. Making a tough decision. Standing up for what is right. All journeys of faith.

Our Object Labyrinth prayer practice is a metaphoric journey. There are twists and turns. we get go close to the center and we go far from it. The best part is that there are no wrong turns and you can’t get lost because God is always with you on your journey.

An Object Labyrinth is about the same journey on a smaller scale. You can do it at home with family and friends.

  • All you need is a flat surface like a table and some objects.
  • Laying down a big piece of paper or some canvas makes clean up way easier.
  • You can use any object as long as you have a bunch of them: crayons, paper clips, toothpicks, the contents of your junk drawer, a jar of nuts and bolts.
  • Dump them in a pile in the center of your work area.
  • Begin placing the objects slowly and prayerfully in whatever shape or pattern comes to you. Let the shape of the thing give you hints about where it should go.
  • All the while, let your hands do the work and keep your mind prayerfully focused on the journey of faith that God calls you to.
  • An empty space while open up where your pile was as you place the object. What came up for you during this time of prayer? Write it in a word in the center and contemplate it for a moment.
  • The Journey of faith always leads us back out into the world. So the last step of the object labyrinth is to put it all away and begin another leg in your journey deeper into faith.

If you take pictures, post them on social media and tag @pointlomachurch and use #WeArePLCPC.

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