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We are PLCPC: Experience Jesus Praying the Hours

Praying the Hours from PLCPC on Vimeo.

A typical leader would summon his disciples to come to him but in John 1:35-50, Jesus goes to where they are and invites them to experience life following him. From the very beginning Jesus shows his disciples that following him is going to be a radically different experience. In our prayer practice this week, we’re going to carve out time to experience Jesus in the ancient practice of Praying the Hours.

In our modernized version, you’ll be pausing to experience Jesus and add a sacred rhythm to your day. Be as flexible or as rigid as you need to be to achieve this. Grace is the key if you screw up. All you need is a timer.


Pick a day to try this and plan it out the night before. Below is a suggested schedule but adapt it to your life as needed. It doesn’t matter how many times you stop to pray. This is more about being intentional and open to experience Jesus. Most importantly, set a schedule you can actually keep!

At each prayer pause take a deep breath and quiet your mind. Say a short one sentence prayer inviting Jesus to come experience life with you. Then, and this is the most important part, be still and listen.

Be gracious with yourself. If you miss a scheduled prayer, just let it go and set a reminder for the next one.

At the end of the experience, record your thoughts on the experience and share them with somebody. Post them on social media if you want and tag @pointlomachurch and use #wearePLCPC

Here is a suggested Praying the Hours schedule :

Use any or all these suggestions.  Whatever fits your life and helps you experience Jesus.

Waking Prayer: Give thanks for the day first thing in the morning. Commit to being open to experiencing Jesus and ask for grace and support.  Then be still and listen.

Getting out the Door Prayer: Try to pause in the rush to get out the door and ask God to give direction to your day.  This is a great prayer to do after you park the car but before you get out.  Then be still and listen.

Midmorning Prayer: In John, Jesus asks his soon to be disciples, “What are you looking for?” Take a moment in the middle of whatever you are busy with to let Jesus ask this question of you.  Then be still and listen.

Midday Prayer: As you take a break to replenish your body, take a moment in prayer to reflect on the morning.  Where have you already experienced Jesus? Then be still and listen.

Out of Energy Prayer: It’s midafternoon and you’re dragging.  Take a Coffee break and reflect on the ways you experience Jesus and renewal in your church home at PLCPC. Then be still and listen.

Homegoing Prayer: At the end of the work day, Jesus invited his disciples to, “Come and see.” The work Jesus was calling them to wasn’t going to be typical 9-5 stuff.  Spend a moment in prayer to be still and listen to what Jesus is inviting you to come and see beyond what keeps you busy all day.

Evening Prayer:  Simply give thanks for the day and all God has given you. Then be still and listen.

Retiring Prayer:  Let your last thought before sleep be a prayer of rejoicing that Jesus calls us to experience new life every day. Then be still and listen and sleep.


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Loving Everyone to LIFE with Everything we Have Take Home Prayer Practice

In this week’s take home prayer practice, we’ll explore PLCPC’s Vision Statement with Color Prayers. This prayer practice can be done on your own at your desk, at a coffee shop with a friend, or push the dishes aside and do this with your family after dinner.  We’re going to love everyone to life with every COLOR we have!


  • 5-8 different colored pencils, crayons or whatever you have on hand
  • few sheets of paper. The bigger the better.


This may feel like an art project to you but remember it is a prayer.  It doesn’t so much matter what it looks like.  The point is to let the process help you communicate with God in a different way.  Focus on that.

  1. Find your materials and a spot at your table or desk. Pause before you start to ask God’s Spirit to be present, filling you to overflowing with love and life.
  2. Write a handful of people, places, and situations that you hope to see loved into life spread out randomly on one sheet of paper. Maybe include one of the PLCPC ministries that you learned about at Fall Fest!
  3. For each item written on your paper, slowly and meditatively circle it with every color you have. Focus on the Life that God is breathing into your prayer with each circle, each color.
  4. Share your experience. Talk with family or friends about what you hope to see loved into life in this world and what God revealed to you in the practice of this prayer.  Take a picture and post it on Instagram or Facebook tagging @pointlomachurch using #lovetolifePLCPC


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