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We are PLCPC: Transform Our World - Thin Space Location Prayer

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” The familiar line from Matthew 28 that we heard about in worship this week calls us to exclude no nation, no place, no person from a chance to be transformed by God’s love. One of the ways we can be a part of transforming God’s world is by praying in all places for all people. Our location prayer practice this week will help us do this.

People talk about “thin spaces” as places in our world were the veil between our world and the divine feels particularly thin. This might be a place of great beauty or special stillness, but it can be anywhere in which the place itself makes it easier for you to feel close to God.

For the first part of our prayer practice, go to a place like that, spend a moment feeling the Holy Spirit all around you in that place, and then say a huge, grand prayer for the transformation of our world. You can pray for the end to all wars, for reconciliation among all people, for the divisions in our country to be healed, for the love of God, grace of Christ, and presence of the Holy Spirit to become real to us all so that our souls will be restored and the whole world will be made new.

But don’t say Amen! Not yet. Go home first.

Right when you get home, in whatever grubby corner you normally kick off your shoes, stop and realize that God’s continual presence makes that plain space just as sacred and holy as any “thin space.” Spend a moment recognizing the Holy Spirit’s presence in that plain space and say another huge, grand prayer for transformation adding a prayer of thanksgiving that God’s love is alive in all places and that we are called to exclude no place and no one from the transforming power of God’s love shining in and through us.

Then say Amen and let it be so?

Take a picture of your thin space and your plain space and share them on social media tagging @pointlomachurch using #WeArePLCPC

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