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Deacons Care Fund

When all other possible sources of funds have been tapped, the Deacons Care Fund can be a lifeline during a time of crisis.


Assistance from the Deacons Care Fund is considered to be a one-time gift, never to be repaid. Fund recipients may be church members, regular attendees, employees of the church, or members of the community who have been recommended by a church member. Consideration will be given to special needs due to emergencies, unforeseen circumstances, or other special care-related situations; and funds will cover critical items such as housing, food, clothing, medical treatment, transportation, or funeral expenses.

Payment from the Deacons Care Fund will be made to the third party to whom the applicant owes money; funds will not be given directly to the applicant.

Further details are provided in the Deacons Fund Policy and Guidelines for Applicants. Click here to download the Guidelines for Applicants.


A Request for Emergency Assistance application must be filled out and returned to the Church Office, in care of the Deacons Care Fund Committee or Evan Gratz, Director of Community Life. Click here to download the Deacons Care Fund Request Form for Emergency Assistance.

The applicant will be required to submit proof of need: eviction notice, turn off notice, etc. The amount awarded may not equal the amount requested. The Deacons Care Fund Committee will not provide help to anyone who, in its estimation, will have negative or irresponsible behavior reinforced by financial help. Those requesting assistance will be offered pastoral counseling if appropriate.

The Deacons Care Fund Committee will follow up on information provided in the application. The committee will be sensitive to confidential issues and will do everything possible to preserve confidentiality of the requesters and their situation.