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Life Events


We are honored to offer our facility and our pastor’s services for your wedding. Please contact Sally West, our wedding coordinator, for information (e-mail:  . Fees are based on member or non-member family relationship. Special clergy friends may be invited to join one of our pastors to participate. Outside wedding planners will be asked to coordinate with our Event Coordinator.


Members and non-members both may anticipate the full assistance and support from the pastors and staff following the loss of a family member. Please contact a pastor or the church office when the need arises so that we can help you plan a Christian service. We will discuss the scope of our services for worship in either the Sanctuary or Chapel considering the anticipated size of the gathering and musical needs. Receptions may be held in the Family Life Center if it is available.

Memorial Service Guild

If you are holding a memorial service here, our volunteer Memorial Service Guild will provide cookies and lemonade for your reception in the Family Life center.

For more information, please call the church office at 619.223.1633.


Baptism (and the Lord’s Supper) are two sacraments that Presbyterians observe. Baptism is a sign and seal of our incorporation into the body of Christ and may be administered either to children of believing parents, or to adults through confession of faith. At PLCPC we usually baptize in the midst of the Sunday morning worship service. It is also possible to have a service of baptism off-site by request to one of the pastors. It is our custom to baptize by sprinkling, but we have conducted full-immersion baptisms as well. To request baptism, please contact Mary-Carol Madison ( ).