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Tree of Life

The Tree of Life display has graced the Family Life Center since 1989. It contains over 500 leaves highlighting special events in the life of this congregation.

The design was conceived by Beverly Smith, and crafted by John L. Spafford. They carefully selected boards of American walnut, rosewood, black bean and island teak from the racks of Frost Hardwood Lumber Company, with the sponsorship of the Frost family. The display has been renovated three times, most recently in 2023. During the renovation, all the leaves were cataloged and are now searchable.

The inscriptions tell an inspiring story of God’s blessings to this church and her members. Wedding, birth and baptism commemorations mark the growth of church families. Many leaves mark the date when members joined the church. Memorial leaves note the passing of friends and family. Some leaves have tributes honoring the service of church leaders. Others commemorate special milestones in the life of the church and its members. And many leaves note the joy of friendships built in this community.

This display will perpetually grow, its leaves telling the stories and marking the progress of this community. All are welcome to add to its foliage.

To search for a leaf in honor of someone you know, click the button below for an alphabetized (by last name) list, as well as map of where it can be located on the tree.


To request a leaf in honor of someone, please fill out the form in the button below.