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A body atrophies without exercise and our faith is no different.

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus calls women and men to follow him. This discipleship is a movement which takes place, not in a traditional classroom, but in walking through towns and villages, in attending celebrations, and in having conversations at the local watering hole. We are called to the same life of faith–an active faith. Today, we are the disciples chosen by God to represent love, compassion and truth in this world. We each have unique gifts of time, talent and treasure that we can commit to the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

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  • Give financial resources to grow God’s ministry through PLCPC
  • Serve within the church to support God’s ministry through PLCPC

Together, let’s move our faith forward!


Jeanie Spies

When Jeanie took the step to co-facilitate the Grief Share program, she learned that her true reward was knowing she made a difference in someone’s life, simply by being present.

Max Butterfield

Last summer Max took a step of faith and volunteered leading VBS, and he was blessed by getting to use his giftings to contribute to the life of the church.

Sam Bick

After his granddaughter started at Red Brick Preschool, Sam started lending a hand with repair jobs around campus.